Beatclap was born with the clear intention of offering a simple and transparent digital distribution tool within the reach of all content creators around the world. Without additional costs, our clients will be able to achieve professional distribution on the main platforms of the sector worldwide, check their stats and royalties earned, and launch their work quickly and intuitively through any device.

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As a vision; to clarify and bring a innovative industry closer to all artists at all stages, to make them participate in the distribution of their work and to provide them with the necessary tools to position themselves in the digital world, the current market leader in terms of music consumption.


To be considered by artists and commercial associates as a viable option that offers solutions and services based primarily on innovation, transparency and quality that covers all their needs and clarifies all the usual concerns faced by creators.


We created a new concept in the sector that we have named Digital Management, where we support and provide visibility to artists through positioning, inclusion in playlists and other commercial actions for free, with the aim of making our clients successful.

Values of Beatclap

Our values are:

Constant research and technological innovation to achieve the desired growth.

To be always at the forefront in a sector in constant evolution.

Young and experienced team working in the sector.

Personalised service and attention throughout the entire commercial cycle.

Clarity and total transparency with all kinds of data and stats available to artists.

Loyalty and honesty to ensure the integrity of the company.

Perseverance and tenacity in their attitudes.


Distribute your music around the world at no cost with Beatclap.

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