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Beatclap is the fastest and more transparent way to distribute your music without costs.

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All over the world: Distribute trhough all maor platforms in over 180 countries

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Promote yourself: Targeted campagins, tailored to your unique style and audience.

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Get paid for your music: Cash in your royalties seasily and transparently.

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At Beatclap we distribute in more than 180 countries through the leading platforms worldwide. We work on your positioning, look and feel on the platforms to significantly increase the conversion ratio of your followers:


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The Age of Information

Distribute your music simply and transparently.

The information is extremely valuable to develop your artistic career in the right way: knowing which song from your release is having the best reception among your fans ‘or the location of your audience’ is vital when it comes to choosing the song you will use as a single, what your new video will be or where you will visit on your next tour.

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At Beatclap we are in a constant process of updating the platforms we work with, keeping your work in the digital forefront.

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Access your user panel anytime and from any device (computer, mobile or tablet), upload your music and follow in depth all your statistics and evolution of your royalties wherever you are.

Global exposure

Forget about limiting the scope based on your budget: your music in more than 180 countries and on all platforms at no extra cost, wherever your fans are, they will enjoy your music.


Your videos too!

Music playback in video format is growing: we distribute video and concerts on platforms such as YouTube, iTunes or Tidal. We are a Google-certified Multi-Channel Network, which guarantees that we will generate royalties from your videos for you, plain and simple.


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