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A new way of understanding digital distribution

At Beatclap we’ ve created a new concept that we called: Digital Management. Start creating and launch your content from your user panel and we will do the rest: placing it on key platforms, promoting it on Social Media, creating your official profiles, launching your singles as well as pre-listening and including it on both your own and official platform lists.

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How does Beatclap work?

We”ll explain the step-by-step process so you don’t miss anything.

If you’ve landed here it’s because you’ve already created at least one music piece, and at Beatclap we know the work this entails. You are already part of our team, from now on we will provide you with everything you need to continue investing your time in your passion: to create.

We are aware of the financial cost of putting this work into a file that can be released: don’t worry, we won’t make you spend more money. Just register and provide us with the necessary information and we will take care of the rest.

Beatclap believes that it is important that your work is well positioned before its release, so that everyone knows that when your work will be released.  Upload your music, set the release dates and we’ll start promoting you and attracting new fans.

Get paid for your music, always having complete control over it. On your account you will be able to access your stats as well as all the information about your billing and royalties whenever you want. And remember: with Beatclap you don’t pay to upload your music.

We're in over 180 countries

Forget about limiting the reach of your work to your neighborhood, town or city: your music will be available in more than 180 countries and on all platforms, so that fans can enjoy your music on whatever platform they choose.

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Schedule your releases

Upload your work and schedule its launch date globally.

From your user account you can upload your singles or albums whenever you want and set a date for its global release. It”s important to upload and send your releases with at least three weeks in advance, since it will correctly position your work in all platforms and search engines. The time in which your release will appear will be at the beginning of the chosen day, that is, at 00:00h of each country.

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Video Network

Multi-Channel Network certified by Google

We distribute your videos and live shows on platforms such as iTunes, Tidal, Filmin or Vimeo, as well as our official YouTube channel ( with millions of views) with a video player of all your songs for free. In addition, as a Google-certified Multi-Channel Network we offer services for content protection on YouTube, resolving conflicts with third parties and achieving the best global monetization.






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Increase the reach of your music globally

2020 is where the digital revolution begins, sign up and enjoy unlimited free uploads.


Everything you need, for free

At Beatclap we offer, besides the distribution itself, everything you need for free to get all your music to all the corners of the planet:

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No binding contracts


Our different promotional efforts will increase the ratios of both playback and listeners.


By distributing your videos or live shows through the several specialized platforms we'll increase your views.


Distribute your music around the world at no cost with Beatclap.

Follow these simple steps and access your user panel.